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Magic Rush: Basic Guide And Gameplay

Magic Rush is a MOBA game for android and iOS. This game is developed by Elex, a Hong Kong based gaming company and it boast 10 to 50 million active downloads and over 700,000 reviews from Google Play.

Magic Rush Hero Awakening

In this guide, you will learn the basics and mechanics of this game. Before we start, most of the details that is used to create this article is from SweetPatatas, a gaming website.

If you played League of Legends, DOTA2, Smite, or any other MOBA game from PC then this is the mobile version of it! There is some similarity on skills and character details from LoL.

Game Features

Powerful Heroes And Skill-Aiming – like I mentioned, most of the heroes were based on League of Legends and you will have a nostalgia when playing this game. The skill aiming is awesome because you can cast and aim your skills whenever you want.

Hero Training – you can train and grind your hero to reach your desired strength. There is no limit on training your character as long as you have in-game energy so you can keep playing.

PVP Arena – this is the main reason why you train your hero! To be the best inside the arena. In this arena, you can earn more than glory! You can earn some points that you can buy from arena shop and summon powerful heroes.

Magic Rush

You can also play tower defense in Magic Rush, not just typical MOBA game. There’s some tasks that requires you to defend your base from invading enemies.

Useful Tips And Tricks

Here’s a list of templates that you can use on building your team:

  • Tank, Tank , Control, Damage, Support
  • Tank, Control, Damage, Damage, Damage
  • Tank, Control, Damage, Support, Support
  • Tank, Tank , Control / Damage, Support, Support

Tanks – are the frontliners of your team. Normally, they are melee heroes who take most of the damage.

Control Damage – this are the heroes who are mages and have AOE (Area of Effect) skills that can either stun, slow, debuff, and damage your enemy team.

Support – the most essential part of a team. Surely you have a lot of damage output but you need support in order for your team to survive specially your tank. Supports normaly have heals and buffs.

Damage – the main source of damage in your team. Usually, this heroes are long-range and have high DPS (Damage Per Second). Although they have huge damage, they are fragile for most of the time.

There you go! This is my basic guide for playing Magic Rush. you can download them in Google Play or Apple Store.

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