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Hairstyling Tricks for Both Men and Women


Most of the people use shampoo and conditioner to moisturize their hairs. You can use a hair mask, wax, mousse, gel, spray, volumizer, misc, pomade in your hair to make your hairstyle. And it is very genuine that we are too busy to in our daily routine and don’t get time to take care of our hairs.


Here we provide some common tips and tricks for boys and girls.

  1. Use some drops of coconut oil

Use some drops of coconut oil before sleep. And next morning you will found out the shiny and silky hairs. You will feel more smoothen hairs..

  1. Use some aloe vera gel before sleeping

Mix some aloe vera gel with the water. And spray it on your hairs.. Next morning you will found out your hairs more moisturized and control the statics.

  1. Use some drop of body lotion

Use some drops of body lotion is actually work to nourished your hairs.. Take some body lotion and jus run your hand through your hairs. Especially concentrate on the end of your hairs.

  1. Try to use baby care product

Baby care products are more natural than the adult one. It is more pure. Use baby care shampoo and then use baby oil few drops. Next morning you will get amazingly soft hairs.


For girls

  1. Beach wave


How to wake up with beach wave hairs, every night I take my hairs wash with shampoo and conditioner after that I keep dry my hairs with a towel. The use to comb my hairs. After that, I divide my hairs in four section and spray banana boat tanning oil on ma hairs and keep rolling my hairs until oil is not going to dry. Next morning my hairs look so natural and wavy like beach wave curls.

  1. Natural curls

The technique is I used to called pineappling. You just need a satin scarf. You don’t use a cotton scarf.. 1st of all gather your hairs on the top of your head and after that tie the scarf on your head.. Your head appears like a pineapple leaf that’s why I use to call this technique is pine appling. You need satin scarf because it absorbs the oil from your hairs.. In the next morning, your hairs look like curly just feel like it’s your natural curls.

  1. Loose bouncy curls

The best method to wake up with loose bouncy curl. I french –braid with my wet hair. Before to sleep, I wash my hair and then little dry it with my towel and then make a french braid. In the morning hAirs get dry and I open my hairs and found bouncy curl. To look more attractive, iron some hairs and rest of hairs leave curly. It looks so attractive, curls and straight hairs.

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For boys


From the beginning of time, we knew that good man takes care of their self. Simple method of grooming your hairs is washing and scrubbing.. All you need how much time you spend with your hair. Hairstyle is the most important touchup while we get ready for office, parties, meeting everywhere…


If you have long hairs so it is little difficult to care your hairs. Just straighten your hairs, and use good quality products. Use shampoo and conditioner to moisture your hairs. Guys can use to make style with their hair some grooming product like wax, gel, pomade or hair spray..

Updated: October 19, 2016 — 6:25 am

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