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There are Awesome Fruits of Cold and Flu. You know, Fruits are rather than a sufficient power to raise the human immune given enough. The fruits of killing the bacteria that caused the disease will give us good health. Many vitamins in fruits, due to the diseases that are often Cold, Flu, Heart problems and preventing diseases such as Cancer.

However, especially to prevent the Cold and Flu is to eat the fruits of some kind.

Banana :


Banana, which is usually available at all times and that everything is good. Besides, they also probably will not eat it may not be. The vitamin B6 available in plenty. Our bones are very tight due to the higher intake of fruits bananas. Besides us, fatigue, insomnia empowerment, reduce depression and high pressure. Fat is high. It also protects them vulnerable to attack due to high blood. Is the protection of cardiac disease.

Apple :


Apple, provides enough blood in our bodies by eating it. Doctors also less blood in our body used to the usual fruit, the apple is wrong in giving the right advice to make mandatory. Apple Enough anti-oxidants are. To which vitamin C gets rich. It has flavonoids. It can prevent cancer and heart disease related to.

Grapes :


Grapes, our body has a high fat content, the lower the quality. There are a number of factors that reduce the symptoms of the disease. Limonoids is the natural compound. The vitamin C will be higher. It is the disease that kills bacteria, and gives us health.

Papaya :


Reduce cold and flu symptom of papaya fruit. It reduces the amount of infection. It is a high percentage of beta carotene, vitamin C of the RDA is the BBF. This means the common cold and flu are away. In addition, due to the consumption of fruit papaya those also may be away from the disease of asthma.

Cranberry :


Cranberry has natural probiotic bacteria that cause other diseases, such as Cranberry and save us from. Compared to other fruits and vegetables, but the fruits are very high in antioxidants. Well, we made it a one-time effect is very high. The results are compared to other fruits, so that the disease can quickly.

These are the awesome fruits of Cold, flu.

Updated: March 25, 2016 — 2:07 pm

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