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5 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Dress for a Wedding

The wedding day is one of the most happiest moment of everyone’s life. Every girl wants to be look perfect or most beautiful on that day. This is the one of amazing day of every girl’s life..

Mostly girls so much exited for their wedding. They usually get confused to choose their wedding dress.. Just because of a lot of design , fabric style..

Here we provide some tips to buy a wedding dress without any confusion. You just need to keep all these tips in your mind…

Need to set a budget

1st of all you need to set the budget because its very important to set the budget before buy a dress.. This point cause the most drama when it regards to the budget.. You really have to be honest with your budget , family, finance and most important with your self before buy a dress.. and you have to determine how much you spend on a dress ..

Its not fare to spend 10000 Rs on a one dress.. Because this is actually not worth to spend 10000 on one dress… so make a plan before buy a dress .. Because a lot of time people get stuck in to choose a dress instead of budget.. Its really a awkward moment for us…

Before you go buy a dress its really very important to figure out your budget.. When you make a budget its very easy to decide a dress .. You can discuss your budget with shopkeeper and choose your dress easily…

You really pay attention on your budget because you also buy heels, accessories, clutch with your dress..

Don’t put too much importance on the pictures you take when you first try on the dress

Its not necessary that you look prefect in the picture at very 1st time when you try your dress… You just need to concentrate on fitting of your dress.. If the fitting is perfect and it suits on your body any reasonable then go for it because final touch up always come with the makeup and accessories … Only the dress can not give you the perfection or smart look.. Its all up to the makeup or on final touch.. So while you going to buy a dress just go for the fit of dress 1st..

Shop for the body you have now

No matter whats your size. No matter you are thin, you are oversized, you are fat.. You need to choose the perfect size.. Always go for the perfect size.. Sometime girls buy the 2 size fit dress, just to keep in mind that they will loose 2 size at the time of marriage.. But its wrong.. Choose the perfect size for your body.. Always go for fitted one..

You shouldn’t get discouraged

As we know there are thousand of designers … They designs world class dresses.. And expensive one.. If you already buy a dress then don’t distract your mind to see new dresses.. Because it change your mind as well as spoil your mood.. So don’t get discouraged to see new dress.. Don’t compare your dress with another design.. There are best of and worst of worst dresses are available. The one you choose is best for you.. So go with it..

Undergarments are optional

As the undergarment is option though it play very important role. If you plan to wear off shoulder gown on your wedding then go for strapless bra.. It gives you perfect shape and comfortable.. And underwear should be knotted.. And one more thing it should be matched with your dress.. Don’t use the different colour undergarments, else it may visible. If you wear something thin stuff.. And you have to be noticed that undergarment should be smooth.. Shape of undergarments doesn’t look nice when it appears on the dress.

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Updated: October 23, 2016 — 6:56 am

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